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Choosing a funeral director – Stay funeral safe with SAIF

With the news of police intervention in a funeral directors in Hull this week it is important for us to assure our community that we adhere to a strict code of practice and are subject to regular inspections.

This article from February 2023 addresses the issue perfectly.

Why aren’t all funeral directors inspected?

At this time there are no statutory requirements for a funeral director to be inspected. This is an entirely voluntary process by the funeral service providers and there are varying levels of code they can choose to adopt.

There is a general belief that funeral directors are regulated in some way but in fact the process of regulation is still at a relatively early stage in the UK with the exception of Scotland that will become regulated in March 2025.

This may be confusing to the consumer as there is not a great deal of clarity on what standards apply to funeral directors.

Funeral directors may choose to meet voluntary requirements by joining a trade association. Currently in the United Kingdom, only one trade association requires members to meet the highest level of standards through their ISO9001 certified inspection programme.

Outside of trade association membership, funeral directors can provide whatever level of care they deem to be appropriate. This creates a risk of care falling far short of even the lowest voluntary code of practice.

In March 2022, funeral director members of The National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors voted to change their Code of Practice to increase the standards required of a member business. Further, SAIF successfully achieved the ISO9001 certification for their Quality Assurance program. This was seen as a significant step towards a regulated profession by none other than independent family owned members of the profession itself.

“This was a clear signal from the Society and its membership that any future regulation of funeral directors needs to set a high standard to ensure that in combination with the Competition and Markets Authority Order addressing pricing and transparency of ownership, funeral service providers who continue to fail they families they serve should not be allowed to practice. The SAIF Standard is the highest benchmark for funeral directors in the United Kingdom. Every single member is subject to independent inspection without exception.” Terry Tennens, SAIF Chief Executive.

Whilst the quality of funeral service providers can vary greatly, choosing a funeral director is made a much easier task by ensuring that they are members of SAIF. It is your guarantee that their business has been fully inspected and complies with the strictest code of practice – read more

Stay funeral safe with SAIF.