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personalised and unique

Music of all types is synonymous with funerals and can help to reflect and commemorate a person’s life.

As funerals become more personalised and unique to reflect the life of the person who has died, families are opting for personal favourites or contemporary songs to be played. Music can be light-hearted, sometimes even humorous or could even be played by a live musician.

Traditional hymns and organ music to something more modern.


traditional or modern

The music you choose for a funeral can be anything from traditional hymns and organ music to something more modern.

For example, people are increasingly choosing:

Music the family associate with the person; such as My Way, Angels, Wind Beneath My Wings, Simply The Best, Danny Boy, If Tomorrow Never Comes, and You Say It Best.

Music which reflects the person’s hobbies; such as theme tunes from Channel 4 horse racing, Countdown and Match of the Day.

Live music; such as bagpipes, Spanish guitars and jazz bands. Depending on the location of the service, there may be certain restrictions.

Although many churches and crematoria allow contemporary music, in some instances they may not permit CDs to be played, insisting on organ music.

Most crematoria will provide:

  • An organist
  • Pre-recorded music from which you can choose
  • A music system on which you can play music of your choice

We will be able to provide advice and guidance about this and help make all of the necessary arrangements. For those wanting personalised music, it is important that music choices be shared with the person leading the funeral beforehand, out of courtesy and to avoid disappointment.


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