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woodland burial and cremation

We are proud to have access to a beautiful natural burial and memorial ground in the heart of Northumberland.

We serve all faiths and cultures, and a woodland burial or cremation is an environmentally friendly, cost effective and permanent alternative to traditional funerals, cemeteries and graveyards.

Set in 38 acres of semi mature woodland and wildflower meadows, it is ideal for short walks and enjoyed by many, as a place to find peace and enjoy the natural surroundings.

The site is on the grounds of a former WWII RAF airbase, and was previously home to 100 spitfire aircrafts.

A beautiful natural burial and memorial ground in the heart of Northumberland.


woodland burials

What is a natural woodland burial?

People are becoming more interested in eco-friendly funeral options, and one option that they may consider is a natural burial.

A natural burial is a more environmentally friendly method of burying a body in the ground without the use of a traditional coffin or headstone. It is a more environmentally friendly method of burial. Natural burials, also known as woodland burials or green burials, typically take place in a wooded area.

A woodland burial is a good option if you want a non-religious funeral or prefer to be laid to rest in a more natural setting.

Burial plots are located in wild flower meadows surrounded by native woodlands. Burial plots are marked with a simple engraved memorial plaque laid flush to the ground. Many plots hold wild flowers or native bulbs, planted by loved ones or many have simply grassed over and ‘returned to nature’.

Memorial trees such as Oak, Rowan and Apple Blossom scatter the meadow, in years to come this will turn the meadow into a thriving woodland and nature reserve. The woodlands and meadows have resident deer, who can be often spotted at dusk and dawn grazing in the meadow and the surrounding land is home to rabbits, hares, owls, song birds and the occasional buzzard.

Burial plots can either be purchased in advance or at the time of need. We allocate plots based on the natural development of the meadow and individual locations cannot be reserved or specified unless reserved alongside an existing plot. There are two areas to choose from as a final resting place for either a traditional burial or an ashes burial plot

Clarefield Meadow
Our 5 acre burial meadow, known as Clarefield Meadow is our thriving wildflower meadow, scattered with native memorial trees, which are planted on top of existing plots to create what we call ‘living memorials’. We offer both coffin burial plots and ashes burial plots, with double plots being located side by side. Each plot is marked by a simple slate or sandstone memorial plaque, laid flush to the ground, allowing the natural wildflowers and grasses to grow around and return each plot to nature. Memorial trees may only be planted in Clarefield Meadow. Eventually, this meadow will become scattered with copses of trees, turning most of if into a thriving woodland.

Coquet Glade
Glade, meaning ‘an open space in a wood or forest’. Adjacent to Clarefield Meadow you will find Coquet Glade. Both traditional burial and ashes plots can be purchased in this area, with the only real difference being that no memorial trees can be planted on burial plots. Trees surround this 9 acre meadow, which will over time grow tall and enclose this peaceful space. Grass pathways cut through the long meadow and wildflowers that thrive here, ideal for short walks to reflect and take a moment to think of those who are no longer with us.

Plot fee
Interment (burial) fee

For pricing information please see fees at the top of this page. Please contact us if you would like to arrange a site visit or would like some paperwork sent out to you.

Due to our sites beautiful setting, many people choose to hold outdoor services, this can be used for both burial and cremation services. Marque hire & chair hire are available, please see our full price list for outdoor service options. The marque is situated overlooking the pond and wildflower meadow.

We welcome all faiths, and can accommodate a high volume of guests. We recommend that someone does ‘lead’ any service. This gives direction and focus to what can be a difficult time. Please get in touch if you would like a recommendation of a local Clergy, Celebrant or Humanist.

We welcome all requests and strive to meet every need, no matter how unconventional. 

On the days when our Northumbrian weather isn’t so enjoyable, our brand new crematorium chapel can be hired and all facilities available for attendees. Our chapel seats 78, with music and a single photo tribute included in in the hire fee.

Many people choose to make an advance purchase for their burial plot. Losing a loved one is an incredibly difficult and distressing time, this can often be made worse by the enormous amount of administration involved with the aftermath of someones death, from registering the death to planning the funeral and taking care of any estate left behind. By pre purchasing a plot, this leaves clear instruction to loved ones about your choice in final resting place and means that some of the cost of the funeral has already been covered. 

Advanced purchases are issued a Certificate of Exclusive Right. We retain a copy and recommend that your copy is kept with your will or a solicitor. You can also leave additional requirements which we can pass onto next of kin at the time. This could be coffin choice and any memorial requests or service wishes. Single plots are allocated at the time of burial, however a plot which forms part of a double plot will be reserved alongside the first burial plot. To make an advance purchase only the plot fee is required. With the Interment fee being due at time of burial. 

When the time comes, all that is required is that you inform your chosen funeral director that there has been an advance purchase made at Northumberland Woodland Burials, and we alongside the Funeral Director will take care of the rest.


woodland cremations

We are proud to have access to the the regions first private, family owned, purpose built crematorium facility. Nestled within woodlands, the stone built chapel sympathetically settles into it’s natural surroundings. Officially opened by the Duchess of Northumberland in October 2022, the calming and modern chapel is spacious with its vaulted ceiling and is flooded with natural light.

  • 78 seater chapel
  • Webcasting and tribute screens
  • 45 minute chapel service
  • Services limited to 5 per day

The chapel can be used for both cremation and burial memorial services.


here to support, help and advise

We are here to support and guide you through every detail, helping you create a fitting ceremony and celebration of life.

Everything that we do is built on empathy, choice and providing value. Our belief is that since we’re all unique, our funerals should be too.

When a death occurs we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us if you need help and advice around bereavement even if not considering us as funeral director.

Call – 0191 257 1201

If you would prefer not to speak to someone just now, complete our online form and we will call you back within an hour.


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It was in 1790, when the founder of the business, John Turnbull, began work as a cabinetmaker and undertaker on the quayside at North Shields.


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