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plan the funeral just the way you want it


We’re here to help you understand how much a funeral costs. We explain everything from our funeral director costs to the cost of the service itself. We make it clear to help you make an informed choice on which funeral will be right for you.

It’s your choice on how grand or simple you’d like the service to be. The type of coffin or transportation you choose, and even the date and time of the service will determine how much you will pay for a funeral.

We believe that no two funerals are the same, each is as unique as the person they’re commemorating.


funeral director services

Services (funeral director fees)
  • Additional mileage (price per mile) - £1.00
  • Additional transfers of the deceased person’s body (e.g. to their home, place of worship etc.) Price per transfer £200.00 - £295.00
  • Collection and delivery of ashes - £30.00
  • Embalming - £150.00
  • Funeral officiant (e.g. Celebrant, Minister of religion etc.) - £220.00
  • Services supplied outside of normal office hours - £ - Prices on request

funeral costs explained

The cost of a funeral is made up of:

  • Our funeral directors services
  • Third party costs – doctors’ fees, burial or cremation fees
  • Added extras – flowers, limousines and notices

Burial costs

With a burial service there are additional costs you may want to consider. The purchase of the burial plot, grave digger fee and minister or officiants fees.


Cremation costs

A cremation service is the cheaper option when arranging a funeral service.

Funeral director costs

What’s included in our funeral director costs:

  • Funeral arrangement, providing a dignified service, including the use of our funeral home facilities
  • Working with third parties such as clergy, florists, crematorium and cemetery staff
  • Preparing and completing all necessary documentation
  • Care and preparation of the deceased, this includes transfering your loved one into our care from a 25 mile radius, preparation for the funeral and embalming services depending on the choice of funeral
  • Provision of a hearse, coffin bearers and drivers
  • Coffin or casket
  • Extras like limousines and flowers, these are at additional costs depending on choices.

Third party costs

Third party fees or disbursements are paid for arrangements not provided by the funeral director:

  • Church fees
  • Cremation fees
  • Burial fees
  • Doctors’ fees
  • Minister or officiants fees
  • Additional personalisation, for example musicians, catering etc.

we are here to help

We are here to support and guide you through every detail, helping you create a fitting ceremony and celebration of life.

Everything that we do is built on empathy, choice and providing value. Our belief is that since we’re all unique, our funerals should be too.

When a death occurs we are here to help 24/7. Call us on 0191 257 2120