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disclosure of interest

E Turnbull & Son Limited is a funeral business owned by the Turnbull family and Jane Broadhead (nee Turnbull) is the major shareholder with no beneficial interest in any other funeral related business or group.

The Funerals Market Investigation Order 2021 requires funeral directors to display specific price information provided by crematorium operators to make it easier for customers to access up-to-date information and to help increase customers’ awareness of the total cost of the services they may require.

Donations, Contributions and Gratuities
We are legally required to disclose any donations, contributions or gratuities which amount to £250 or more over a 12 month period that has been paid to a third party connected with the funerals sector which does not relate to an incurred or a service provided.


serving the community since 1790

It was in 1790, when the founder of the business, John Turnbull, began work as a cabinetmaker and undertaker on the quayside at North Shields.

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