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simple lower-cost cremation

Simple Funeral Packages, the lower-cost option that provides everything needed for a funeral.

This option might be suitable for those who want to keep costs down, or if the person who has died wanted a simpler send off.

The simple lower-cost option that provides everything needed for an unattended cremation.


for a simple send off

Simple unattended cremation
£ 1,500
  • The coffin - wood veneer
  • Collection and transportation of the deceased (within a 25 mile radius) - within 24 hours
  • Provision of the Funeral Directors services to make the funeral arrangements
  • An allocation towards the fees for the Crematorium
  • Private ambulance to local crematorium
  • An allocation towards the doctors' fees including certification of death (Third party**)
  • An allocation towards the minister or officiant's fees (Third party**)
  • Total cost : £1,500.00


** Prices are set by third parties (e.g. The Crematorium), not by the funeral director.

Third party costs

These costs are for essential, non-funeral director services required to carry out a cremation, which need to be paid at the time of the funeral. These costs are outside the control of your funeral director, but a contribution is included towards them in your plan.

Examples of third party costs that may be covered by the allowance included in your plan are doctor’s fees (if applicable), cremation or interment fees, and the Minister or Officiant’s fee to conduct the service. Please check what’s included with your chosen plan using the table above.

If the amount included in your plan for third party costs doesn’t fully cover these, then the additional sum will need to be paid at the time of your funeral by your family or estate.


we are here to help

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Everything that we do is built on empathy, choice and providing value. Our belief is that since we’re all unique, our funerals should be too.

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