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We help raise £3,343 for Daft as a Brush

Our Gosforth Golf Challenge was a huge success – 72 holes and over 23 miles later…

It was a long day but 72 holes and over 23 miles later, we finished the final hole at about 9.30pm on Friday after the first tee off at 4.30am.

A ‘huge’ thank you to everyone that donated to the 4 round golf challenge.  

We’ve raised well over £3,000 so far which will be a huge help to local charity, Daft as a Brush. 

Link is still up if you’d like to contribute and any donations are greatly appreciated –

The charity, Daft as a Brush specialise in transporting cancer patients to and from hospital for their Chemotherapy and / or Radiotherapy treatment, free of charge.

The service involves collecting and transporting patients in a safe and comfortable environment from where they are living to where they will be having their treatment. If required, a volunteer companion will stay with the patient during their Chemotherapy and / or Radiotherapy.

The patient is returned to their home in readiness for their next course of treatment. The charity completes some 60,000 cancer patient journeys each year with a passionate team of over 400 volunteers and a fleet of some 40+ ambulances.

All donations received go directly to supporting cancer patients on their journey to recovery with Daft as a Brush Cancer Patient Care.

Serving our community since 1790